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An Enthusiast in Acute Care

Working day and night for critically sick patients

Dr. Muhammad Asim Rana is a renowned consultant physician specializing in Internal, Respiratory, and Critical Care Medicine. With a profound academic foundation, Dr. Rana currently serves as the Chief of Critical Care Services at Bahria International Hospital in Lahore, Pakistan, and an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Amna Inayat Medical College, Sheikhupura.

Dr. Muhammad Asim Rana, an esteemed medical professional, has earned accolades such as the Best Physician and Best Teacher/Mentor Awards at King Saud Medical City in Riyadh. His significant contributions include developing critical care guidelines and publishing over 127 articles in esteemed journals. Dr. Rana’s dedication to education is further highlighted by his mentorship of postgraduate students, significantly influencing the future of pulmonology and critical care medicine. He has started a scientific journal Pakistan Journal Of Intensive Care Medicine

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Critical Care Courses

Enhancing Lifesaving Expertise: Navigating Critical Care Through Specialized Medical Courses.

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Mastering General Critical Care: Essential Training for Medical Professionals.

Critical Care Nursing

Nurturing Excellence in Critical Care: Specialized Training for Nursing Professionals.


Empowering Wellness: Practical Medical Tips for a Healthier Life.

Ask The Expert

Unlocking Insights: Your Medical ‘Ask the Expert’ Resource.

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Instant Knowledge: Quick Medical Insights in a One Minute Read.


Exploring Medicine: In-Depth Knowledge through Engaging Medical Lectures.


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